With more?than?70,000?products?and?a history that dates back over 175 years, Ryerson is one of the nation’s leading metal processors and distributors. When the company wanted to increase the energy conservation and safety at one of its over 100 locations, it selected WESCO Lighting as their lighting partner. The range of services and solutions offered was a key factor. It allowed WESCO Lighting to provide a turnkey lighting upgrade and Ryerson the ability to have a single point of contact and work with a single resource throughout the project.


Upgrades occurred?in three phases — with WESCO Lighting procuring all products required, providing all equipment and managing all installing and commissioning for the project. In addition, all needed work was completed in such a way that allowed the facility to continue operating on its standard 24-hour schedule.?


Key Highlights:

  • Yearly total kWh savings of?184,296
  • Simple payback in?3.5 years
  • Significant reduction in maintenance expenses and carbon?footprint
  • Generated enhanced?safety and?productivity